Four Billing Guidelines You Need With Your Outside Counsel

Protect your company from the most pervasive practices we see law firms doing to take advantage of their clients.

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About Bodhala

Bodhala is a for lawyers, by lawyers platform trusted by forward-thinking legal departments at Fortune 500 companies to improve how they manage outside counsel. We are leading the push for transparency, market-pressure, and competition in the legal market.

Relationships between companies and their outside counsel are needlessly opaque and rife with perverse incentives. The first way to start improving this hazardous situation is by strengthening your billing guidelines.

In this report we provide 4 proven strategies with boilerplate contract language to start pushing back against outside counsel’s most common tricks. Lay down these ground rules at your next annual review and use them when crafting future billing guidelines with your outside counsel.

Overcome These 4 Hazards With Your Outside Counsel

  1. Outside counsel submits bills full of “block billing” entries
  2. Outside counsel makes inappropriate staffing decisions
  3. Outside counsel sometimes submits unexpected rate increases
  4. Outside counsel doesn’t provide timely data, or no analytics are being enabled or monitored


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