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Today’s Current Economic Climate


Even during times of economic turmoil, the legal industry continues to respond with inflated fees and a refusal to hold timekeepers accountable. This has a tragic consequence to real people -- like employees and suppliers.


Now is not the time to dig deeper into your company’s pockets to pay the inflated fees law firms are charging. Bodhala’s proprietary dataset ensures companies don’t pay out tens of millions of dollars to their law firm while kicking their employees to the curb.

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Bodhala’s Offer


Take advantage of our complimentary consultation with one of our legal experts to discuss:

  • How to freeze your spend
  • How to communicate with your law firm
  • How to renegotiate
  • How to evaluate the longterm health of your law firms
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Ketan Jhaveri, President & Co-Founder

Prior to founding Bodhala, Jhaveri practiced for almost fifteen years in antitrust law at Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett and the U.S. Department of Justice. Jhaveri is a Bodhala data expert with a passion for utilizing data-sets to empower legal departments to take control of their outside counsel spend and hold their law firms accountable.

Chris Bennett, Vice President of Strategy

Chris leverages the Bodhala platform to help clients analyze rates, practice areas, matter types, and other factors that impact strategic decisions. He has led client cost-savings realizations across several key verticals, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, and pharmaceuticals, serving some of the largest names in these industries.

John Maloney, Senior Vice President of Client Success

John joined Bodhala with over 20 years of experience, including seven years as a practicing attorney. Maloney has helped clients realize millions of dollars of savings on their legal matters and has played a pivotal role in assisting clients with law firm communication by providing data-backed responses to law firm assertions.





Bodhala is a groundbreaking legal technology platform created by lawyers to transform the half-a-trillion dollar global legal industry. Our platform refines organizational processes by empowering your legal team with deeper insights that allow you to better analyze, interpret and optimize outside counsel spend, trailblazing a new era of legal market intelligence. We’re built on data – and how we develop it, how we utilize it and how we analyze it for the benefit of our customers sets us apart. Our proprietary benchmarking metrics and rate review algorithms generate detailed insights into every aspect of legal spend. An intuitive dashboard puts the information you need to make more cost-effective decisions about legal service providers at your fingertips, effectively boosting efficiency and reducing your bottom line.