The End of Excel Hell.

Send. Compare. Manage.

Introducing Bodhala's sleek new Rate Card RFP platform.

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Do you have a process to collect and manage your law firm rate cards?

Without a clearly defined process and data insights, you are spending time on internal efforts that lack the ability to:

  • Manage rate submissions
  • Compare firm rates vs each other
  • Manage practice area discounts
  • Quickly access yearly rate proposals
  • Internal & external benchmarking
  • Project and forecast your future spend

Introducing Bodhala’s new free RFP platform, the easiest way to send and collect RFPs from your law firms. To date, Bodhala clients have saved $75 million in outside counsel spend and thousands of hours using the platform to manage their rate cards.


Watch this video to see how it works.



Savings you can see

Law Firm Rates Graph Chart


Bodhala is a groundbreaking legal technology platform created by lawyers to transform the half-a-trillion dollar global legal industry. Our platform refines organizational processes by empowering your legal team with deeper insights that allow you to better analyze, interpret and optimize outside counsel spend, trailblazing a new era of legal market intelligence. We’re built on data – and how we develop it, how we utilize it and how we analyze it for the benefit of our customers sets us apart. Our proprietary benchmarking metrics and rate review algorithms generate detailed insights into every aspect of legal spend. An intuitive dashboard puts the information you need to make more cost-effective decisions about legal service providers at your fingertips, effectively boosting efficiency and reducing your bottom line.