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Avoid these 3 common legal billing problems before they happen

If you work in a corporate legal department, you've probably found yourself thinking outside legal bills are a pain to reconcile. From jargon and fuzzy math, to a multitude of inconsistencies, there used to be little that could be done to fix headaches with billing.

In our first of our ongoing series on the future of legal departments, we explore how big data can make a huge difference. In this whitepaper, you will find:

  • The three most common headaches our clients see in their legal spend
  • Strategies on how to fix them moving forward
  • Long-term solutions to make sure they don't happen again


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About Bodhala

Bodhala leads the industry in optimizing enterprise legal spend on outside counsel through a proprietary AI-backed platform. Bodhala's mission is to empower the legal industry with the tools necessary to take the ambiguity out of spend decisions. Created by lawyers, for lawyers, with advanced data science expertise, Bodhala is customizable, informative and intuitive, providing actionable insights in a timely manner.

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