Mastering Rate Card Season with Analytics

Whether you’re gearing up for rate card season or in the throes of negotiations with your law firms, Bodhala is here to help you get the best rates and optimize your legal spend. 

By the end of this free webinar, you’ll be empowered to close out all of your tabs and manage your RFPs with confidence and precision.


  • Practice Area consumption
  • Timekeeper consumption 
  • Rate changes
  • Normalizing Partner & Associate definitions
  • Partner & Associate matriculation
  • Discount applications 
  • “Special” volume-based discounts


Our Speakers:

  Kyle Johnson, Head of Marketing

  John Maloney, SVP of Client Services

  Sean Christy, Head of Product


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About Bodhala

Bodhala leads the industry in optimizing enterprise legal spend on outside counsel through a proprietary AI-backed platform. Bodhala's mission is to empower the legal industry with the tools necessary to take the ambiguity out of spend decisions. Created by lawyers, for lawyers, with advanced data science expertise, Bodhala is customizable, informative and intuitive, providing actionable insights in a timely manner.

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